miOne is an online community for the Portuguese senior citizen. A platform that promotes communication between friends and family, entertainment through games and storytelling in the personal blogs.

Role in project
Tools used
HTML + CSS + jQuery + PHP + MySQL
Release date
Feb 2014

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The online community offers its users several activities, such as email, chat, news, blogging, games and health related information. Through the notification system, users are informed of interactions from other community users.

For every registered user, an email account is created and assigned to them. It was designed to simplify the tasks associated with email management. The open source webmail Roundcube (http://roundcube.net) was used and customised to the community's requirements.

Similarly to social networks, the site uses a friendship system to regulate interactions between users. When two users establish a friendship, they are able to interact with each other on the community's several services, such as the Chat.

On the Health area, users can create and manage personal reminders for medication, doctor's appointments or other activities. They are then notified of those reminders in the chosen date.

The News area displays several news articles, divided by categories, from online newspapers. Users can read articles and share them with their community friends.

The Games area offers a variety of games to play with, such as a "Memory", "Sudoku", "Letter Soup" and "Four in a Line" game. The games also display player statistics.

"Four in a Line" is both a single player and multiplayer game. In the single player version users play with the computer as the opponent, where in the multiplayer version users are able to play with their community friends.

The Share area is best described as being a type of blog. Users can read and comment articles from their friends or from other community users. Articles can contain photos, Youtube videos or simply be plain text. Articles can be searched by author or by their category name.

The Search functionality was developed to allow users search for content from specific areas of the community, such as users, news, health topics or blog articles.