Teepad is a service (SaaS) designed for businesses that sell custom printed t-shirts. It consists on a tablet + software in order to engage clients in physical commercial spaces.

Project by
Role in project
Design + Development
Tools used
HTML + CSS + jQuery + PHP + MySQL + MVC
Release date
November 2015

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A promotional website was created to explain the service in a one-page-site style. The service itself includes a tablet and access to the website containing a Customization App (where clients interact) and a Backend area (where business owners manage the App contents and orders).

Both the Customization App and the Backend Area main features are described individually.

The Customization App allows users choose products, add images and write text messages. The customization tools provided include changing rotation, scale, image mirroring, colours and more.

The Backend area keeps clients' orders and all related information such as quantities, elements used, mockup previews, client information and more.

Business owners are able to manage the app's contents such as uploading their own images (divided into categories), choose which fonts they wish to include as well as activating / deactivating some of the app's functionalities.

The Activity page provides sales charts, details of popular products, colours, images, fonts and more. This information helps business owners manage their stocks and track their clients' preferences.