Hi! I’m Miguel.
Full-stack web developer based in Bristol.

At the moment I’m a Wordpress developer at Appeal Digital.


I’m a web developer with over 10 years of experience and an interest in design and psychology, meaning that I like to approach a project from these different angles to deliver a better product.


Skill Level

I code in PHP, Javascript, HTML & CSS (Sass) following OOP and SOLID principles. I write Unit, Integration and E2E tests with PHP Unit and Behat.

I’ve created APIs to communicate between Wordpress, VueJS and Symfony applications and have integrated with Hubspot, Eposnow, Mailchimp...

My frameworks of choice are Symfony and VueJS but have used Wordpress extensively and I’m open to work with different ones.

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Skill Level

Working on a research project aimed at building an online community for the senior citizen made me aware of how audiences have different backgrounds, motivations and needs.

Usability tests are vital in identifying problems and addressing users’ needs at an early stage of a project, avoiding unpleasant changes after development.

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Skill Level

Clear communication, easy navigation and a minimalistic aesthetic are my main focus. I apply design and UX principles to help me create better experiences for users.

In my freelance work and personal projects I have both designed and built the websites. Keep scrolling to see a selection of that work.

Personal Project
Bringing reason to online political debate
An experimental take on creating a space where political discussion can take place with reduced disruption from fake news, internet trolls and hate speech. Fingers crossed.
Personal Project
Allowing customers to visualise their ideas before printing them
SaaS product consisting of an app that allows customers to customize and preview their products in-store and a back-end where merchants manage the orders.
Freelance Work
Providing artists with an online space to showcase their work
Collection of portfolio websites created over the years for artists and musicians.
Freelance Work
Promoting a range of cultural events
Website for a theatre group to advertise individual events as well as their annual international theatre and music festival.

Get in Touch

Want to know more about some of my projects or talk about a new one? Drop me a message and I'll get back to you.